Weekend/Evening Lessons

Our primary focus here at Battlefield Park is providing a safe environment for you or your child to learn to ride and interact with horses. Our equestrian program combines qualified staff, experienced school horses, and a new state of the art facility. Our amazing lesson horses have taught many children and adults alike to ride. They live happily in their herd out in the fields, horses are happiest when they live naturally grazing on the land with plenty of fresh air and water.

Battlefield Park is nestled on 6 acres of beautiful pastures and mature trees, and we have a small retention pond that houses our fish and turtles. Our indoor arena that measures 75' x 150' of riding area with 16' ceilings to accommodate all equestrian activities in inclement weather. The indoor arena has 10 stalls attached and a beautiful lounge and tack room with powder room. Our outdoor arena measures 120' x 200' and can be used in most weather conditions due to its crushed blue stone footing. Our small barn houses 10 horses and a small tack and feed room. We lease surrounding pastures in which our horses live most of the year.

Battlefield Park has chosen to follow the United States Pony Club curriculum in all of our horsemanship activities. We feel that it provides individuals with a strong foundation in which they can grow in their abilities and measure their skills. Riders will be placed into groups according to their level and current skill with horses.

What to wear:
You do not need to make a large investment in riding gear to learn how to play polo. All that is required is a riding helmet, a pair of jeans and a pair of boots with a heel.

Beginner Riders Will Learn:

The parts of the saddle and bridle
The parts of the horse
Three riding aids
Basic grooming skills
Horse colors
How to tell when a horse is sufficiently cooled down
..and will demonstrate:
How to halter a horse in a field and stall bring in and turn out
How to lead a horse
How to groom and tack a horse
How to mount and dismount
How to ride at a walk and trot

Intermediate Riders will learn:

Conformation of a horse
Difference between mare, gelding, stallion, foal, filly, colt
Health care including shots, worming, and treating minor injuries
Feeding a horse
Cleaning a stall
Sequence of steps for walk, trot and canter
..and will demonstrate:
First aid for minor injuries / taking a horse's temperature
Bathing a horse
Pulling / braiding manes and tails
Disassembling tack, cleaning tack, reassembling tack
How to mount without a block
How to go over ground poles
How to ride a circle and a figure eight
Blanketing and unblanketing a horse

Advanced riders will learn:

Floating teeth and the number of teeth in males and females
Gestation of a mare
Musculoskeletal system
How to measure a horse in hands
Treating colic
Birthday of a thoroughbred horse
Identify lameness
Breeds of horses
..and will demonstrate:
Riding the correct diagonal and lead
Riding an obstacle course
Flying lead changes
Turning on the forehand
Riding without stirrups
Lunging a horse
Fitting a bridle and saddle
Treating abscessess

About Battlefield Park Polo Club

Battlefield Park Polo Club is a year round riding facility which strives to bring the sport of polo to a wider audience. We believe in making strong and confident riders in an inexpensive, safe, and fun environment. We encourage our students to learn the riding and horsemanship skills that will turn them into better polo players and equestrians. If you have never ridden a horse or are an advanced rider who wants to learn a fun new game, we are the barn for you.

Battlefield Park Polo Club started as a vision and became a reality. Battlefield plays host to over 350 students who come here to learn to ride, play polo, jump and have fun! We are never short on laughter here at Battlefield Park Polo!

Lesson Overview


Our polo lessons are designed for all ages and experience - from beginner who has never ridden, to experienced players looking for practice and tournament polo.


Our english riding program focuses on good centered riding. We provide a strong foundation with mastery of riding skills, stable management, and horse welfare.