English Riding Lessons

English Lesson Overview

Childrens' School Year Program
Your child will become strong and competent in working with the horses while having a great time.

- Every Saturday, contact Dori Burner for available hours.
- All lessons are one hour.
- All lessons are group lessons 4 to 8 children.
- All lessons are leveled according to ability.

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Here at Battlefield we teach traditional English Riding lessons and believe that good riding starts with a centered seat and will be the foundation for learning balance and acquiring the strength that riding requires.

We play games to get comfortable on the horse and teach students to move around and develop a range of motion. Do strength exercises such as two-point to teach students to put weight down in their stirrups and lean into their thighs and knees. Once a seat is developed in the first lesson we teach students how to post at a walk and then a trot, and sometimes at a canter.

All students that ride at Battlefield become strong confidant and competent riders who can ride many different levels of horses, not just the typical school horse.

What to wear:
You do not need to make a large investment in riding gear to learn how to ride. All that is required is a pair of jeans, a pair of boots with a heel and a riding helmet. Saddlery Liquidators in Haymarket is offering riding gear packages for Battlefield Park Polo Club and Equestrian Center students. Mention our name and receive 10% off

Groupon / LivingSocial
Battlefield Park Polo occasionaly deals with Groupon and LivingSocial to make riding affordable to more riders and is always pleased to honor those deals. Please bring a printed copy of your Groupon or LivingSocial receipt with you on the day of your lesson, as well as our Release Form.

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After receiving payment, all students must complete a Release Form before attending any activities.

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Child Riding Lesson - 1 Lesson $40
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Child Riding Lessons - Per Month
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Adult Riding Lesson - 1 Lesson $65
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Adult Riding Lessons - Per Month
(Limit 3 lessons per week)
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Lesson Overview


Our polo lessons are designed for all ages and experience - from beginner who has never ridden, to experienced players looking for practice and tournament polo.


Our english riding program focuses on good centered riding. We provide a strong foundation with mastery of riding skills, stable management, and horse welfare.