Polo Riding Lessons

Learn to Play Polo

For the new polo player, no prior riding experience is necessary, in fact most of our new players have never ridden a horse. Your first lesson will include an overview of the horse, tack, and polo equipment. You will then get on your horse, learn how to hold the reins and mallet, basic horse commands, and the step-by-step way to swing your mallet and hit the ball. By the end of your first lesson, you will be able to confidently ride your horse and hit the ball. We will teach you the fundamentals of the game of polo, and help you master your “short game” – the key to being a good polo player. Your first few polo lessons will be done “at the walk”, and as your skills develop you will play at the trot and the canter.

Experienced players will play more chukkers to learn polo strategy, understand polo rules, and play as part of the polo team.

What to wear:
You do not need to make a large investment in riding gear to learn how to play polo. All that is required is a riding helmet, pair of jeans and a pair of boots with a heel.

Lesson Overview


Our polo lessons are designed for all ages and experience - from beginner who has never ridden, to experienced players looking for practice and tournament polo.


Our english riding program focuses on good centered riding. We provide a strong foundation with mastery of riding skills, stable management, and horse welfare.