Camp Activities

Full and Half Day camp
We offer an exciting and safe environment for your child to learn to ride and interact with horses, while participating in other fun activities throughout the day. Your child will make friends and memories for a lifetime at our state of the art facility filled with highly qualified staff and volunteers.

Small Blessings (4 & 5 year olds)
There have been many requests for a mini camp for 4 & 5 year olds. We are working to accommodate this in our program. Please contact Dori for more information at 239-989-2011.

Overnight Camp
Battlefield Park Polo is a relaxed environment with a lot of freedom for the girls whom will have the run of the farm. If they ever had a dream to wake up with horses in their backyard, here is where they can have the experience. Our overnight camps will be an opportunity to meet new friends, ride everyday, and have fun!

We were pleased to offer an overnight camp last summer (2015) and 67 children participated over the summer (excluding the 14 CIT’s that came and stayed). At the end of every camp day the overnight campers headed to the pool, (sometimes we dined poolside) went to a movie, had an evening around the campfire, and some evenings went to the barn after dinner for riding. We baked cookies, breads, dressed up; we went to a polo game, horse show, and the county fair. It was a super fun summer.

The girls made new friends, read books from our children’s library (Wimpy Kid Diary being the most popular), and talked it up for hours. The vision was an old fashioned camp experience: making new friends, doing campy things basically activities that don’t involve video games or cell phones. Where children learn to be in the present and interact with the other children.

In all the weeks of camps we had relatively few issues. We had a couple campers that were homesick so we made several calls home to mom and I asked a couple moms to come for a visit. Surprisingly no campers went home, however it would be nice if parents considering overnight camp could be relatively sure that their child had slept away from home enough to be comfortable with the idea, to help with homesickness we asked our CIT’s to come and stay, all of which are here year round and have overnights throughout the year. If your child is on any medications please contact us before registering, as we are not equipped to handle children who are on psychiatric medications or whom have life threatening illnesses.

Sample Daily Camp Schedule

This is a sample schedule of new activities planned for this summer we will have special guests and different activities from week to week. We play games, sing, dance and we laugh... so much. Your children will have the time of their lives!

Sample Schedule:
8:00 Drop Off
8:30 Announcements (Follow Daily Camp Activities Schedule)
9:00 Ride
10:00 Art & Crafts
10:30 Music
11:00 Yoga
11:30 Lunch
Noon Specials
1:00 Theatre
1:30 Science
2:00 Horsemanship
2:30 Tack & Games
3:00 Specials
3:30 Pickup

What to Wear: Jeans, Tennis Shoes or Boots

What to Bring: A certified riding helmet is required for all campers (Bicycle helmets are no longer permitted). We have a number of riding helmets for campers to use. Shorts, T-Shirt, Swimsuit, Towel, Sunscreen, Insect Repellent, Refillable Water Bottle, Snacks, Bag Lunch, Brimmed Hat

Resident/Overnight Schedule

Sample Schedule:
7:00 Wake Up
7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Barn Feed & Tack
8:30 Ride
9:30 Daily Camp Activities Schedule
4:00 Ride
5:00 Feed & Turnout
5:30 Clean Up for Dinner
6:15 Dinner
7:30 Evening Activities (movies, scavenger hunts, campfire,)
10:00 Lights Out

What to Bring: The following packing list is provided for your convenience. It is intended as a guide (overestimated numbers). Permanently label each article of clothing, shoes and personal items with the camper's name. The clothing can be packed in a laundry or duffel bag.

In addition to bringing your Riding Attire, Riding Helmet, and Riding Boots, the following is recommended for our resident campers:

  • Clothing:
    T-shirts/Tank Tops
    Long Sleeve Shirts
    Long Pants
    Sweat Pants
    Warm Jacket or Fleece
    Poncho or Raincoat
    Pair Underwear
    Bathing Suits

  • Sundries
    Plastic container/shower caddy
    Soap/soap dish
    Nail clippers
    Hair ties

  • Linens
    1 Blanket
    1 Set twin or cot sheets
    1 Pillow
    1 Pillowcase
    2 Bath towels
    1 Beach towel
    1 Washcloth
    1 Laundry bag
    1 Sleeping bag for sleep outs

  • Miscellaneous
    Swim Goggles
    Bug spray
    Water bottle
    Flashlight w/batteries

For All Campers

Horseback riding is a daily activity for all campers. Your child will need a riding hat that fits well and bears the seal of the Safety Equipment Institute ASTM-SEI. It is best to have the helmet fitted at a local equestrian shop. If you do not have a local shop, you might try Mark at Saddlery Liquidators in Haymarket Virginia.

You should have shoes designed for horseback riding. Your riding shoes can be either boots or tie shoes with a defined heel. The heel should be no higher than one inch; sneakers are okay but hiking boots are not acceptable for riding. You may ride in jeans or any long pants. Tank tops are not permitted for riding a shirt that covers the shoulders must be worn.

ITEMS TO LEAVE AT HOME: Video players, electronics requiring an electrical outlet and weapons of any kind are prohibited. We discourage you from bringing valuable personal items to camp. Camp is not Responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.