I've been riding at Battlefield Park Polo for about a year now and I couldn't love it more. The horses, people, and facility are all amazing. The owner, Dori Burner, is so great. She's so kind, caring, welcoming, helpful, and so much more. She's an amazing instructor and person to talk to. Every week I look forward to coming to the barn. Everyone there is like a big family. We are all supportive and helpful.

Dori has done so much for each and every person there. She works with you and your situation and truly does her job for the love of kids and horses. Dori treats us all like we're her kids and always has the best interest in mind for us. Going to the polo barn every week has really improved my riding and made me a better person. It's taught me important life lessons and how to work with others.

I can't thank Dori enough for letting me be apart of this amazing family and giving me the opportunity I have.

- Erin (age 12)

Last Summer, I was flipping through "Living Social" and I found this amazing deal for horse programs. I have two girls, ages 6 & 8, and both girls are fascinated with horses! After booking programs, I decided to drive the girls out to Battlefield Park Polo to check it out! We drove up to this awesome property with horses playing in the fields. Immediately my girls were hooked. Dori was just getting home from the store, stocking up for summer! Immediately I was impressed with her kindness and openness to our impromptu arrival. She is very social and welcoming, unlike some places we have been! My first impression was super positive and I loved how comfortable I felt at the farm. At this point, my girls couldn't wait!

The summer was awesome! Each day the girls learned how to groom the horses, ride them, they played games, created art, etc. The week flew by all too quickly. Before I knew it, my girls were taking lessons three days a week after school started. My oldest is even learning how to play polo! Dori is super with kids! My girls absolutely love her! I am completely comfortable dropping my girls off for their lessons while I run errands. Now for the big part! Battlefield Park Polo is one of, if not "the most", affordable places in the area to ride! This makes me super happy since my girls want to be at the barn all of the time.

I would recommend Battlefield Park Polo to anyone who wants to learn to ride! All ages are welcome. Dori makes riding fun for everyone. Someday I may even climb back up on a horse! Love, Love, Love this place!!!!!

- Natalie

My kids love the experience of not just having riding lessons but also truly experiencing stable and farm life. Quite frankly, there is no other program in my 12+ years of summer camp trial and error that compares in value and experience. Dori teaches these kids respect and discipline in the equine world as well as how to have fun and relax. Pulling up to pick up my child at the end of the day and seeing groups of kids laughing and washing horses or playing in the picnic area always brings a smile to my face.

Looking forward to another great summer :-)

- Linda

When I walked in the first day and saw the long sign-in line, all the cars & all the kids... My first thought was, "this woman (you) is brilliant! I'd do the same thing if I were trying to grow a business. You provided a terrific opportunity (insane deal) to introduce horseback riding to everyone. Horseback riding is otherwise an expensive privilege and you allowed everyone to participate... AND for 5 days! Clearly, droves of parents felt the same way as your programs were booked solid!

Your program was an outstanding, hands-on experience for my daughter. She came home every day- filthy, exhausted & with a huge smile on her face. I loved it (she did too). That told me she was actually participating in everything rather than watching- like most others! Your choice to employ young adult councilors was also brilliant. Young children are enamored by young adults and therefore are more engaged. It's a great opportunity for the young adults (councilors) to be mentors as well!

Your facility is such a happy & healthy environment for children. This is the only type of environment children can learn & thrive in. I'd love for my children to be a part of. Thank you for your generosity! You clearly know what you're doing!

I look forward to starting on September 13th! Have a great night and don't think another thought of that nasty, selfish yelp comment. Only a fool would base a decision to purchase a service or product on an anonymous comment posted the Internet!

Thanks again!

- Colleen

Some thoughts on the summer programs... I really appreciated the adults you had there to help, they were kind, knowledgeable and visible/available. The man directing traffic on registration day was super helpful and friendly. I liked the session on tack and learning about horses, care and treatment. Your barn was clean and organized, which I appreciate and your horses were well taken care of. I felt that getting on the horse for 35 minutes each day was great for a beginner. I appreciated the Groupon because it gave us an opportunity to try out something new at an affordable price.

Thanks again!

- Rebecca

I just wanted to thank you for having my daughters Sydney and Grayson this week. They are having a blast! They told me that your program is their favorite, and that they have ever been to and they have been to a lot of camps over the years. They say they are dreaming of horses each night and their next day. It reminds me so much of when I was a little girl going to horse back riding every summer.

Thanks for offering this so that my girls can learn more about horses and riding. You have such a beautiful place and your horses are so sweet and absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to coming there each morning. It's so peaceful!

Thanks again for all you and your team does for my girls.

- Allison

I wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what a great time my son Harrison has had this past summer. I almost feel guilty as I've paid more for him to ride for a day at other places compared to your price for the entire week! Not to mention your regular lessons are a steal at twice the price. Seriously. Your facility is amazing and I'm looking forward to seeing Harrison progress and eventually learn to play Polo in the future.

As parents, we all know it's a huge success when your child gets in the car dirty, sweaty, smelly, thirsty, hungry, dog tired... and is elated! ..not cranky!!! Riding your ponies and the fun times with the other activities learning, playing, creating while at Battlefield are all he's still talking about weeks later. We'll see you in Sept. for lessons, and can't wait for next summer! You're stuck with us for a while. :)

Thanks so much,

- Rick